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Roth IRA Conversion Calculator

Online Roth IRA Conversion Calculator

Analyzing the benefits of a Roth IRA Conversion
taking into account required minimum distributions

Step 1:  In order to evaluate whether or not converting your IRA to a Roth IRA makes sense, we need to know some specifics about your situation.  Please enter the following data:

  1. Select the year of the conversion:  
  2. Enter the IRA balance to be converted:  
  3. Enter the assumed growth rate:
  4. Enter your birth date:
  5. Enter your spouse's date of birth: 
       (If the beneficiary is not your spouse, make this field blank and
        enter the beneficiary's birth date in #6.)
  6. Enter the heir's birth date:
       (If the beneficiary is your spouse, the heir is the spouse's beneficiary.)
       (The heir is often a child.)
  7. Enter your income (AGI prior to IRA distributions):
  8. Enter the assumed inflation rate:  

Step 2:  Select how you would like to customize the report:

Include Graph with Summary
Include Yearly Comparison

Step 3:  Click calculate to see the results in a separate browser window.

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